Southampton: The best crowd

8pm in Southampton, the city its empty… everybody it’s inside the Switch waiting for the big party that this night is gonna be, thanks to Space Ibiza On Tour. The duo Mongo stars to play their truly immersive sound and instantly recognizable “Mongo” melodic groove.

With the public full of energy, lot of emotions and with the wish to get more involved in the party then the international DJ with a meteoric career, Roger Sanchez, came on the scene at 10pm and he didn’t stop until 12am and the public did not stop dancing and singing the remembers that Roger played.

Suddenly the public went crazy even more… a blond hair appeared in the DJ booth. What’s happen? James Zabiela, the international DJ and born in Southampton took control of the party. His audience wanted to let him know that he was there for him and he played the best tech-house he knows to play.

The venue was totally full of people during all the night, but at 2am when the DJ Camilo Franco went in the DJ booth the club reached full capacity levels. During a little more than 3 hours, Camilo Franco brings to higher levels the happiness of the public. Dancing and dancing, no one wants to leave Switch.

Southampton we will be back!

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