Space very present in "Cursa Flor d'Ametller"

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This last Sunday the popular Cursa Flor d'Ametller was celebrated in Sant Antoni (Ibiza), Space - sponsor of the Atletisme Pitiús Club-, is extremely proud as the athlete Anass Bourass was crowned first.

Bourass is one of the new runners of the popular races of the islands, and with this award he has achieved his first victory in one of the most beautiful tests of the calendar runner and in which a total of 275 runners participated.

The landscape of the route is in one of the times of more splendor, since the almond trees are in flower. The goal was 7.5 kilometers and the athlete Bourass managed to complete in a time of 24:14 minutes.

Among the other runners could see a lot of shirts that wore the logo of Space, something very important for the brand as part of its philosophy: the love of sport on the island.

Fuente: Diario de Ibiza

Fotografías: J. Riera (Diario de Ibiza)

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