What makes Funktion One one of the best speaker manufacturer in the industry? Interview with Mike Igglesden

Funktion One has been designing and building high quality speakers since 1992, the year when Tony Andrews and his partner John Newsham decided to found the company.

Behind their career there is a long history of hard work, passion and innovation that it has positioned the company as world’s number one in the audio industry. Funktion One and Space Ibiza have had a close relationship for more than 11 years now, both always squeezing the full potential of the two brands to offer a unique sound experience.

We have the opportunity to interview Mike Igglesden (Funktion One Design Engineer) during the set up for the Space Closing Fiesta to find out what are the secrets that have made Funktion One a reference in the industry.

1. What makes Funktion One one of the best speaker manufacturer in the industry?

I think it's because we focus on getting the best sound quality that we can. One of the fundamental points is that our loudspeakers are a horn-loaded point source design. With our systems you aim the speakers where you want the sound to go, and very little sound goes anywhere else. They are also very high efficiency which means high conversion of amplifier energy into acoustic output which makes them very responsive and detailed. Another aspect is that we like to use low distortion paper cone drivers for the for the mid-range frequencies. This results in a very natural and organic sound. Our mid-range approach means that we only use metallic compression drivers for the very high frequencies. Form follows function, which has led our designs to have an instantly recognisable appearance. We constantly aim to deliver the best possible sonic audience experiences, which has all led to the popularity and widespread recognisability of our sound systems.

027 Ana Rdv sponsors SpaceIbiza2. What is Funktion One’s corporate philosophy?

Pursuit of sonic perfection. Always trying to get it as acoustically accurate as we can, that is the absolute fundamental.

3. Which new products were delivered for the Space Closing Fiesta?

Our newly developed Evolution 7 Loudspeakers were used in the car park. We have been developing the mechanics of our 10" mid-range speaker and combining it with a new horn loading. We think that we have got somewhere very special with that and is what the new product is based around. Above the 10" horn is a new 1.4" compression driver that provides very sparkly high frequencies, and below the 10" is a new horn loaded 15" for the mid bass frequencies.

The new 10" is able to produce a very wide frequency range. As almost half of all the acoustic range is coming from one component which makes the sound very together and coherent. The horn loading also projects the sound which makes it ideal for the carpark stage. The 15" below that is very musical, yet pack a lot of punch. Sometimes, in other systems, I feel this frequency range is not emphasised enough and the bass feels very separate to the rest of the music. We are very happy with the results of the 15" as it provides great impact to the kick drum, nice tone to the upper bass, and warmth to male vocals.

Another new product that has been used this year is the BR221 bass speaker. In the car park and the main room we have been using the F221's for years. These are very punchy and fantastic at throwing the low frequencies long distances. Long throw is not always required, so we developed the BR221's and installed them in the Terrace. The F221's lend them self very well to the main room where the room is deep and the music tends to be high intensity techno music. In the terrace, the room is not so deep and is more of a relaxing dance floor where the music tends to be more house orientated. The BR221's are front loaded and therefore make a very deep and plush near-field sound. We are very happy with the results and think that they have been well received.

Carl Cox Opening 07 2015 by Nel G 16

4. Would you say that Space Ibiza is your sonic laboratory?

There's always been a very close relationship between Space and Funktion-One. We have both developed together over the last 11 years and I think it has been a very mutually beneficial relationship. Space has a reputation for being a fantastic club with fantastic sound and it has been a great place to try new products and ideas because we know the club so well and it has many varied environments. Being able to work with such a prestigious club, with such a great team and continue to develop our technology has been both valuable and enjoyable.

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