XTA: the best products for live sound. Interview with Richard Fleming

XTA born in 1992, when Andrew Grayland and his partner John Austin decided to found the company. Having  overseen many of the benchmark products produced by KT, both felt that DSP (digital signal processing) technology  could find a home at the heart of PA systems.

Hard work, innovation, creativity and a professional team are behind the great work of Andrew and John and as a  result a large range of professional audio products for live sound. XTA and Space Ibiza have had a close relationship.

XTA have been making audio processors for over 21 years, the design philosophy, innovation and sonic integrity behind the benchmark 2 series and 4 series products remains at the heart of the APA amplifier. XTA have a close relationship with Funktion One and Space, the APA amplifier is a innovative improvement to the clubbing experience.

XTA have supported Space, Funktion One, Pro Audio Ibiza and DMT with the first use of APA at Space this summer, Richard Fleming, XTA Sales & Application Manager is interviewed below to tell us more about the Space Closing Fiesta 2015.


1. About XTA

Basically we are kind of very interested in getting the best of this sound using the best converters that we can get so it is a real pleasure to come out here and, basically, road-test our new APA amplifier. What we found is that, it really is sort of just so much better than anything that we have used in the past and it is a nice compilation and, you know, a very big power amplifier and the XAD. Is what people have been using and loved for years.

2. What keeps XTA being at the top?

Alright, I did a similar interview to this last year and the parting sentence of that was “Passion pays off” and actually, I mean was off the cuff but it really does and this is, you know, the last party of the season so it really does, passion pays off.

3. XTA new products

We’ve got an amplifier and the big thing about our APA amplifier is the delivery of power for a sustained period of time. Other amplifiers only deliver the power that it says for a short period, but we deliver for hours, which is, on an event like this, we are just kicking off now...it is four o’clock in the afternoon and we are going until two in the morning. You want it to sound the same at four in the afternoon as two in the morning and that’s we are all about.

4. XTA & Space Ibiza

I think you got, you know, a clientele which demands something that is a little bit special, something better than everywhere else, and that is what XTA is all about. There is a great synergy between Space, XTA and also our sister company MC Square.

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