Space Closing 2015: Red Cross health care report

Regarding the news published in the local media newspaper Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera on the six of October two thousand and fifteen about the Space Closing Fiesta, the club management communicates:

Preventative Service Report of the Red Cross in Ibiza for the Space Closing event

On October 4th, for the preventive coverage of the Space Closing event, services were contracted with the Red Cross Ibiza, responsible for First Aid, and Staff Emergency, to handle all healthcare medical attention.

The Red Cross team provided coverage from 4:30pm on October 4th until 1:30pm the next day, and consisted of 18 specialized first aid volunteers who participated in both the preparation and provision of service actively supporting medical assistance of the medical team.

In addition to the humane team, an inflatable first aid tent with fungible material was setup, two ambulances with Basic Life Support and one with Advanced Life Support which, together with the medical staff, doctor and nurse of Staff Emergency, served a total of 67 people, of which none had to be taken to center hospitals.

As for the types of interventions, 67 medical attentions were realized by the Red Cross, which included; sprains, cuts and bruises caused from falls and in some cases, attention for drug and alcohol consumption.

Coverage of Acts or Activities of Foreseeable Risk

For Red Cross to make itself available to promoters of cultural and/or recreational events, all our experience and ability in matter of planning and development for these type of services, in addition to improving the quality of our action; make it possible for the means and resources of the organization to be readily available to intervene in emergencies.

For another year, Space Ibiza has sought the recruitment of healthcare services, offering attendees the means to minimize and reduce the risks associated with their activity.

Enrique Climent Belda

President of the Red Cross in Ibiza

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