Flight Club Area UMF ibiza - Space Closing Fiesta 2015

Space Ibiza reopened just as in on all big occasions, the outdoor area located in the rear parking. With the collaboration of Ultra Music Festival Ibiza, this impressive stage was the main attraction from 4:30 in the afternoon until 2:30 in the early morning, the first hours of the Space Closing Fiesta 2015

 DSC5833 DSC6629King Coxy

The undisputed King of Techno was in charge of closing the area with a two and a half hours set. In his first intervention of the night, he was able to transmit his overwhelming power with a collection of strong tracks.

The man of Cadenza

After his first residency at Space Ibiza with Vagabundos, the Swiss-Chilean shared with the devoted public his special way of understanding music, where experimentation and Latin rhythms occupied a prominent role.

Erick Morillo round 1

The genius from New York has been present at the club during the entire season and as a climax he has offered a session where we could be the first to hear and dance to several unreleased tracks from his new album.

Production Display

If something marks the Openings and Closing parties is the huge production display and the sound system that makes the whole experience an unique one.

Ultra Music Festival Ibiza

The most impressive stage that we can remember at a Space Closing Fiesta consisted of an imposing structure. The major brand, Ultra Music Festival Ibiza hosted this outdoor area, also known as Flight Club Area. 

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