Premier Etage and El Salón - Space Closing Fiesta 2015

Both the Premier Etage and the Salón completed the musical offer proposed by Space Ibiza for their closing. The motivation that the DJs detached and the festive atmosphere of these rooms were the alternative to the more crowded areas of the Space Closing Fiesta

1I4A6922 NA0136Javi Row: winner of Red Bull Residency 2014

The winner of last year’s Red Bull Residency enjoyed a unique opportunity to Space Ibiza to further reinforce his career within the industry. With a 2 hours set we realized that this young musician has a great future ahead.

Ramon Castells and Paul Reynolds, two classics

What would a closure of Space Ibiza be without two of its most classic figures? Ramon Castells and Paul Reynolds returned to be present on such an important night. The Funky sound reigned in their sessions, giving the best Motown sound to Premier Etage.

coolMachines, passion on the turntables

The duo made up of Jorge Moreno and Moy Santana is beginning to be recognized throughout the island. The guys from Valencia showed us during their session in the Salón there extensive knowledge of the current underground music sphere. That and the passion that distilled their set, they were certainly one of the most remarkable performances of the night in the Salón.

Federico Grazzini

One of the new icons of Italian electronica closed the room. Eclectic and amazing, Federico Grazzini is already a recognizable figure in the Ibiza scene.

A different environment

If anything characterized the party in these two rooms was the uninhibited and liberal atmosphere that lived in them. The Premier Etage and incredible views along the famous yellow tubular chair, and the Salón with its very particular aesthetic essence, proposed a different party to all those who came by.

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