Ferry Corsten concludes his second season at Space Ibiza

Clandestin Full On 28 09 2015 by Ana Ruiz 8Clandestin Full On 28 09 2015 by Ana Ruiz 9Clandestin Full On 28 09 2015 by Ana Ruiz 4Clandestin Full On 28 09 2015 by Ana Ruiz 25No one likes to say goodbye, much less to their favorite party. Although, this time there was nothing sad about saying “goodbye”, on the contrary… it was a celebration!

On Monday, August 28th Ferry Corsten returned to give everything as he did during each of his event dates at Clandestin pres. Full On Ibiza. Here are a few reasons so we hold on to the best memories:

1. Ferry Corsten never fails. One of the best exponents of Trance is Ferry Corsten, which is indisputable. If we also add to that statement, all the love and smiles he gives during all of his sessions, then we would entirely be captivated by his professionalism and personality. The Dutchman’s charisma shone again on Monday as expected. He couldn’t stop thanking his fans for their support during the season.

2. Short but intense. Summer has flown by and we barely caught all of it. It has always been said that when something happens fast it’s because you’ve enjoyed the most of it. Some sessions of 2015 have also become too terse, like Lucky Charmes who served as a warm-up to Bassjackers.

3. Commitment to talent from around the globe. Our language is music, we don’t care about the flags and nationalities. All DJs are welcome to Clandestin pres. Full On Ibiza. A great example is the Egyptian Aly & Fila, regulars of the night, presented at 04:15h their last hit ‘Napoleon’.

4. Youth are the future. You have to make way for the new generations and learn from these veterans. The duo who has just arrived from the TomorrowWorld festival, Bassjackers, entertained the evening with a strong set that highlighted their latest track, ‘Memories’.

5. We’ll always have the Sunset Terrace. DJ Ramón Castells has been faithful to the Monday party. Every night he has played the most diverse music and has helped give Trance lovers another option.

6. THIS DOES NOT STOP HERE. No one is going to be sad… Clandestin pres. Full On Ibiza is here to stay. We will reunite soon enough, but until then visit the Space Ibizawebsite to recall the best times of your life. Trance will return to roar!



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