RAW CHANGE from R to the E

What is RAW CHANGE? Transgression, surrealism provocation, audacity… we could give you many definitions of the proposed new party at Space Ibiza, but only yours would be the ultimate one. Until you come to the most surprising party on the island, you won’t really know what it offers. This Wednesday, August 12th you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself, although here are a few hints of what you’ll find…

RAW CHANGE at Space Ibiza

Rare or extravagant are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when you see the people that inhabit RAW CHANGE. Here you have a good example.
Angel Molina b2b Nacho Marco form part of national artists to perform at the Terraza of the club. The Catalan and the Valencian join forces in an electronic session that will overflow with quality and experimentation equally on both parts, just like the last track by Marco. 
RAW CHANGE at Space IbizaWTF!? Will be what you will be screaming when you witness the crazy performances of the party.
Camilo Franco will share his exquisite Tech-House with all attendees. Surely it will sound just as good as his Ibiza Gay Pride session at RAW CHANGE.

RAW CHANGE at Space IbizaHit after hit, the DJ from Ibiza Valentín Huedo will show his broad musical background behind the decks after spinning since he was 15 years old.


RAW CHANGE at Space IbizaAthe break of dawn, inside the Terraza of Space Ibiza is an experience you must feel at least once in life. 


RAW CHANGE at Space IbizaNobody will judge: the freedom of expression is the engine that drives RAW CHANGE.


RAW CHANGE at Space IbizaGoing for free: that’s how you’re going to get in if you’re resident of the island. 


Edu Imbernon in the Terraza and Rickzor in the Sunset Terrace complete the lineup for the night. Imbernon, as a leader of the party, he will mix his avant-garde melodies and even have time to present his latest LP Spectral: 


Buy your tickets for RAW CHANGE at Space Ibiza, the most unpredictable party on the island.


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