RAW CHANGE at Space Ibiza, the novelty of summer

We are already in the month of August. The island is burning, the streets are crowded, there is no more room for towels on the beach and thousands of plans assail you in form of a flyer on the streets. It is normal to have doubts. That’s why Space Ibiza gives you three clear reasons why RAW CHANGE is your party this Wednesday, August 5th.

RAW CHANGES performances1 The Experience

You’ve never experienced anything like it. RAW CHANGE is not just a party where you dance (which you will, too), but intents to take your perception to the extreme. Uncertainly continuously lurks around every corner in the club as you wonder what you’re really seeing. In short, a nocturnal adventure where you are the headliner.


RAW CHANGE wally lopez2 The Line-up

Passing by the DJ booth this August 5th, Camilo Franco, resident of Space Ibiza, the memorable Wally Lopez, with an impeccable track record on the White Island, John Vermont with an amazing live performance and the most important DJ and producer duo of the peninsula Chus+Ceballos. As if this were not enough Ramon Castells will be at the Sunset Terrace all night long.

3 Space Ibiza

RAW CHANGE is the party for Wednesday nights at Space Ibiza. The merge of the best performances and the unconditional love of music has been all along the unwavering standard of the club. So there is always a substantial reason to come to Space Ibiza.


The best of the Spanish music scene, a great atmosphere and something you’ve never seen before awaits you this Wednesday at Space Ibiza. Buy your tickets for RAW CHANGE.

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