10 Highlights From ENTER. Week 3

Enter. 16 07 2015 4

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1. Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg graced the ENTER.Sake Bar with a much anticipated B2B set from 10-12pm.

2. Bella Sarris supported Adam and Ida in grand fashion, with both a 1-hour warm-up set and a 6-hour closing set in the Sake Bar.

3. DJ Tennis was welcomed back to the ENTER.Terrace for his only performance of the season and played a great melodic techno set, fueled by special moments such as Sandrino & Frankey’s “Acamar” on Innervisions.

4. Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg, and fans joined Richie Hawtin in the Sake Bar for a taste off of ENTER.Sake.

5. Matthew Hawtin took to the depths of ENTER.Mind with a powerful, spine-chilling ambient session, as he made his return to Ibiza.

6. Adam Beyer’s shift from ENTER.Sake to ENTER.Main showed us his heavy side as he warmed up the room for Richie Hawtin in a 2.5 hour journey of Drumcode sounds.

7. Zagreb’s Petar Dundov took the ENTER.Mind room to new heights as he joined Matthew Hawtin for experimental cinematic soundscapes in a deep and abstract performance.

8. CORVUS by Conductr invited guests to the ENTER.CNTRL room where guests could launch, mix, and transform sound parts from ENTER. artists.

9. Guy Gerber returned to ENTER. for his second and final time of the season, with a solo closing session on the Terrace where he provided a set with expert programming.

10. Richie Hawtin closed down Space Ibiza in ENTER.Main at 7:27AM with thunderous applause, as the crowd embraced the morning Ibiza sunlight upon exit.

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