Glitterbox: 100% Ibiza

Glitterbox at Space Ibiza 2015.07.10Glitterbox at Space Ibiza 2015.07.10Glitterbox at Space Ibiza 2015.07.10Glitterbox at Space Ibiza 2015.07.10

You can tell that the season’s in full swing by the soaring temperatures and steadily swelling numbers of party-goers currently infiltrating every part of the island. Ibiza is officially heating up, and this week’s line-up at Glitterbox was one of the hottest yet.

Glitterbox’s season last year was arguably defined by a single record, the huge ‘Do You Feel The Same?’ by Hercules and Love Affair – who performed a new live interpretation of the track when they appeared at Space Ibiza last week (it was immense, as you can imagine). This year, there seems to be a new contender for the throne: The Juan MacLean’s sublime ‘A Simple Design’. This week, Juan himself was in attendance, and after a warm-up set from Purple Disco Machine (who has remixed said record to incredible effect) he embarked on an edit-heavy house and disco set that has stuck with me as one of the sets of the season so far! Of course, he played ‘A Simple Design’ and, of course everyone went nuts.

Tonight saw a Glitterbox debut from the inimitable The Magician. An alias of uber-talented DJ/producer, Stephen Fasano, The Magician was previously a member of revered Balearic disco duo, Aeroplane, but he disembarked that flight and boarded his own magical carpet ride back in 2010, and has seemingly never looked back. His set ranged from classic disco to huge, main room house anthems which included his new release on the recently launched POTIONS label ‘Sunlight feat. Years & Years’, as well his remix of Lykke Li ‘I Follow Rivers’ – without doubt one of the biggest house remixes of recent years.

Chief among the appeal of Glitterbox tonight was the return of a house and disco legend and one of Glitterbox’s most consistent DJ, the one and only Joey Negro. Instrumental in the success of establishing the night as one of Ibiza’s most essential parties, Joey last played back at the opening party on that night the crowd were really responsive and tonight he once again played to his strengths, mixing classic soulful house and disco with current records in those genres, including his own remix of Erro’s ‘Don’t Change’, which we sung along to with unashamed delight.

His set epitomised what Glitterbox is all about, capitalising on that reignited love for those classic tracks but integrating them with tasteful modern records that compliment rather than obstruct and closed out what was another magnificent party. Buy your tickets for Glitterbox at Space Ibiza the next July 17th.


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