Space Ibiza launches its range of 100% Recycled Products



Ibiza is characterized by a series of elements without which it would not be what it is today. Its beaches, nature, culture, music and parties, form a set that make the Mediterranean island one of the most magical places in the world.

But is it possible to unite all these concepts in the same product? Yes, Space Ibiza has succeeded. This year the iconic club launches a new collection of 100% recycled products representing all the symbols comprising of the White Isle.

The key is how to manufacture the same multiple products. Space Ibiza reuses the materials used in billboards which are designed each year to advertise the events of the season, to create a range of eco-friendly products that claim to protect our nature. The club at Playa den Bossa is thus committed to responsibly manage the waste generated by their promotional campaigns.

This collection completely handmade and created in Eivissa is composed of 3 different models:

- Handy wallets with zipper for multiple uses.
- Functional bags with velcro, perfect for the beach or for day to day use.
- Large backpacks with zipper and shoulder straps, ideal for the gym or to carry larger objects.

Everything entirely made by hand, making each and every one an original and exclusive piece. Space Ibiza is aware of the ecological problems facing the island due to the indiscriminate increase in waste, thus bringing to market this eco-sustainable collection of 100% recyclable accessories, ideal to wear during the summer season.

When it comes to culture, the ecosystem and partying, we stand united with the same goal, to protect our environment. Choose your accessories and purchase them in any of our authorized points of sell.

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