Space Ibiza on Tour Triplet in Chile

Three dates, three cities and all in the same country, Chile.  January 24th, marks the first of the three scheduled dates for Space Ibiza where Camilo Franco will transfer his usual musical magnetism to the Chilean land. To follow, Viña del Mar on January 30th, topped off with an authentic pool party on January 31st in Coquimbo.

These three performances will be held at the Enjoy Casino complex that are spread across the country, where one of the separate rooms for such events, the Salón Ballroom will be setup specifically for the occasion.

The representative of Space Ibiza on Tour will be Camilo Franco, a very well-known artist in American soil because of his Columbian origins, also the reason for his recent award for Best DJ residing abroad by the Colombia Dance Awards.

 For all these parties, Camilo will be accompanied by resident of OVO Club, Rodrigo Valdés, forming the perfect tandem to shorten the 10,000 kilometers that separates Chile with the magic of Ibiza.



SiOT - Chile 01


SiOT - Chile 03

SiOT---Chile 05


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