Ferry Corsten culminates the season with an extended applauded set

Clandestin Full On @ Space Ibiza Closing 2014 Clandestin Full On @ Space Ibiza Closing 2014 Clandestin Full On @ Space Ibiza Closing 2014

15 dates, 28 artists and more than 105 hours of partying. The balance of Clandestin pres. Full On Ibiza on the final leg of their journey with Space Ibiza is more than positive. Aly & Fila, Bassjackers, Cedric Gervais, Cosmic Gate, Michael Woods, Marco V and Rusko are some of the artists who have come through Ferry Corsten’s residence over the past few months. Thanks to them and the good response from the audience, surely there will be no more summers without the Trance sound that identifies Full On Ibiza

On Friday, September 26th everything was ready for the final round of the most electrifying season. The storms from this week on the island presaged an energetic farewell and that’s exactly how it went. The lightning symbol of the party rocked harder than ever in the Main Room of Space Ibiza.

Sied Van Riel could not fail on this special occasion. On his sixth visit to Clandestin pres. Full On Ibiza he seized the moment to present his latest track ‘In a Perfect World’ while enlivening the room with the rhythms that has given it a privileged place in today’s Trance scene.

After the Dutchman, the duo DubVision known for their track ‘All By Myself’ knew how to warm up the crowd for the arrival of the peak moment of the season: the extended set by Ferry Corsten. The two DJs were able to engage the audience with their EDM sound that was overwhelmed by aggressive beats that added to the expulsion of CO2 smoke that shook the dance floor. With an enthusiastic audience, Corsten had it easy to follow the path set by his peers.

Around 2:30 am, the director of the electronica orchestra stepped onstage to stay there for more than three hours. You couldn’t witness anything like what happened Friday at the club during the 14 previous nights of Full On Ibiza. Ferry demonstrated why this is his party, with a set that traveled through its various artistic stages. You could hear the legendary tracks of the DJ and of course, his latest EDM inspired tracks. Of course, the purity of Trance was present causing more moments of euphoria by the public. At the end of the day, Corsten fans are loyal fans of the style that he pioneered. Time passed quickly and Corsten had to leave the DJ booth to make way for Sied Van Riel. Chants and thunderous applause fired an emotional Ferry Corsten who did not hesitate to thank everyone on the microphone.

Van Riel returned to close one of the parties that has given so much joy to the lovers of the strongest music scene. It was not a “goodbye” but a “see you later”. As Ferry Corsten commented on the first dates of the party, “Clandestin pres. Full On Ibiza is a dream come true”, a dream that will repeat once again next year.


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