Pepe Rosello and Carl Cox have gathered this morning - around 10 am - with local media and specialized in electronic music. The reason for the press call was no other than the inauguration of the new Space Warehouse, a multipurpose space and open to the public.

Space Warehouse becomes a museum, where the visitor can admire historical pieces of the club, buy official merchandising of Space and of course, to remember the history of the most awarded club in the world. A perfect space to bet on culture and leisure, but always with music as a common thread.

"This new space reminds the history of Space with photos, personal memories, collective, artistic, lights and sound stuff, chairs, tables ... and of course keeps Space alive" Pepe Roselló.

As Carl Cox is on the island, Pepe Roselló wanted to have his presence and to render - once again - a tribute to one of the most significant DJs for the Space family. "Carl never left and I do not think he will ever leave," Roselló said during the press conference.

For his part, Carl Cox has highlighted how happy he feels to be back on the island, because he loves Ibiza, his people and his spirit and above all, has made him really happy to come today  with Pepe and know that the Spirit of Space will continue alive.



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