Space Beach Club: three essential dates Featured



The last season Space Ibiza will be unique and unrepeatable and for that, we are preparing thoroughly to surprise -one more season-, with the best sound and the best DJs.

We launched three own dates  to celebrate three partys under the label Space Beach Club. The first date you should write down in your diary is Tuesday, 31st May, just two days after our Space Opening Fiesta, we open the doors of our Club for that the party and good cheer not cease.

The next meeting will have on Tuesday, June 7th, we will have already heated motormore than enough, so we offer this date for you to continue the pace of this amazing season.

The last date for our party of Space Beach Club, will be on Tuesday, 27th September, when it will be approaching the end of the last season, but we are not going to stop surprising.

Stay tuned because soon we will announce more details on these three key dates in our Space Ibiza  season 2016.



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