Cafe Olé 2014 line upCafé Olé Mondays at Space Ibiza presents new theme nights and will feature Dita Von Teese, Boy George and DJs like Junior Sanchez and Sharam.

Café Olé, the most aged party of Space Ibiza, celebrates its 15th anniversary completely renewed once again. And its intention is to keep on being the most talked about show and trendiest party for new generations coming for the first time to the island, not forgetting though the magical show that made it an international reference in the clubbing scene.

The most hedonist night of Space Ibiza presents its completely transformed theme parties as well as new resident DJs. Café Olé sounds also turns into a different direction, investing for high quality House and Tech House, supported by the presence in its line-up of DJs like Sharam (Deep Dish member) or Junior Sanchez.

Three new residents are coming to reinforce Café Olé DJ booth. First of all, Italian super producers duo The Cube Guys who were presented by Bob Sinclair in Café Olé 2013 for the first time in Ibiza. Crazibiza is the next duo billing the line-up of Café Olé’14, they emerged in Budapest and now are located in Miami, where they play in all the trendiest parties. The last new incorporation is the British DJ Jonathan Ulysses, such a legend in Ibiza night scene since the 90s. These five artists will join the other three stars that have spread balearic sound around the World: Rafha Madrid and once again, another duo, House South Brothers formed by Paul Kopanos and Manuel Moore. Chus + Ceballos, Albert Neve, Guga Rahner, the talented english Marc Vedo and Leomeo will be some of the DJs invited to Café Olé weekly parties.  

Café Olé Mondays at Space Ibiza strengths its show with live performances of the American House diva Ultra Naté and the Spanish singer Soraya Arnelas, who will join Café Olé ranks for the first time. They will be accompanied by singers and regular performers such as Patrizze, Miss Davilota and Baby Marcelo, who after more than 20 years starring La Troya or The Face of Ibiza, will join our club every Monday to perform in exclusivity for Café Olé. Dita Von Teese, the World’s striptease queen and undoubtedly the most famous star in Café Olé, will perform on two occasions this summer. Amanda Lepore, New York fashion & night icon and Café Olé muse for many years, will again visit Space Ibiza.  Another celebrity is returning to Café Olé, Boy George, legendary culture club singer, and nowadays, a renowned DJ.

Finally, we would like to remark all theme parties in Café Olé are renovating their style. Orient Strip will bring us to a kinky cabaret from Los Angeles in the 40s. Erótica will be a provocative and great showgirl club set in the endless nights of Las Vegas. The new third party of Café Olé gives tribute to Ibiza in the late 80s and early 90s, where the island extravagance and glam made ​​us famous worldwide.

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