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Brasilio presenta La Troya says goodbye next Wednesday

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Space La Troya 21 September 24 copiaSpace La Troya 21 September 29 copia


Who has not heard about La Troya? The explosive and legendary party by Brasilio de Oliveira. Undoubtedly, in Space Ibiza we were lucky this season,because Brasilio presenta La Troya came back to home.


The party is pure fun thanks to the enormous talent of its creator, Brasilio, and his ability to entertain and surprise with extravagant and exclusive productions and with different themes at each session.


The 2016 seasonof Brasilio presenta La Troya at Space Ibizawill finish next September 28th. We have guaranteed fun ... because theresident DJs Oscar Colorado, Camilo Franco and Javi Bora will be here spinning the best music. This is so great! Also the performance Baby Marcello will be there.


Space Ibiza and Brasilio presenta La Troya are an awesome combination where the dance floor becomes, session after session, in a transgressive explosion: joy and madness. If you are coming, it means that you are revealing your wild side. Don’t resist! Because this is the best polysexual party in the entire island.


Now you know,you have a date this next Wednesday at Space Ibiza with Brasilio presenta La Troya. Don’t miss this opportunity and join the craziest party of Ibiza, the party of the Ibiza people, the party where it’s impossible to not have fun.

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