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Interview with Remo

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Remo's talent is quickly leaving his personal mark on the international electronic music scene.
He moved his first steps in his hometown Milan by building a strong reputation as a dj thanks to his silky emotive sets and as a producer with a dark and deep exploration which lies on the boundaries of techno and house.
“Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together” is the quote which best represents Remo's musical instinct, combined with his emphatic relationship with his audience on the dance-floor. His sound has reached crowds of old and new dance music scenes with gigs in the 4 continents.
In 2009 Remo moved to Ibiza, where his sounds swiftly made a mark on the first class musical programming of top club Space. That same year he became a resident at Space and played at the 20th anniversary celebration of the club. In 2011 he also joined the residency at Kehakuma, the most notorious, underground event of the island, where he has shared the dj booth with many international guest artists.
Remo's producing career started with the international hit Black Sabrina and since then he has hit the chart many times with tracks like Mizar, On the Far side Ep,Mild Steel and Ivision. He has also had releases on famous labels like Viva Music, Forensic, Giant Wheel, Confused, Blufin and Ivav and has challenged his skills further by remixing Audiofly, Paul Nazca and Jay Tripware tracks.
The classical piano training, gives Remo a proper musician point of view on djing and making tunes sparked his interest for research and development on DJ and production technologies. He also runs his own imprint, Lilith, a project which involves an eclectic roster of artists and represent an ideal hub for diverse sounds and eclectic music minds.
What does tomorrow hold for Remo? He is writing his future while his crowds go wild and his next banger hits the air.

What/who have been your musical influences?

I've been influenced by loads of genres. Without a doubt it started with classical music - it was the 1st music I came into contact with and everything just lead on from there. Another big influence would have to be Kraftwerk. Once I discovered those guys and got into the whole electronic music scene that was the beginning of it all for me.

Whats going down in your life at the moment Remo, where do you find your self personally?
I think I'm going though a transitional period at the moment. My artistic path has always run directly parallel with my personal life and what state of mind I'm in because of it. Right now I'm going though a period in my personal life where I'm really up for new challenges, I want to learn new things and create a new reality around me and to do this I've had to made some pretty radical changes to get me ready for all this new input - so obviously this "new energy" is really going to come though in my artistic career.

What have you been up to this winter?

I'm having a really positive winter. Its been split between lots of travel and I've had the chance to visit some places I've never been. For the other part I have just been enjoying the tranquility of the island in winter, hanging out with my friends and spending quality time in the studio.

Where do you find your inspiration when it comes to writing and producing music.
I think its something unexpected that just comes out from nowhere! I go though periods where I'm really inspired and creative, but when I'm not feeling it I just submerge myself listening to music. Everything that surrounds you, every second of the day, every moment, all your emotions…they can all be translated into music, THIS really fascinates me when I'm in the mood to create music.

What's your opinion on the scene at the moment?

There's loads of talent out there with great music knowledge and are technically sound producers, but sometimes when I get to listen to new tracks and mixes it seems they're lacking in emotion and that authentic feeling that connects an artist to their public. When it comes to producing, thanks to new technologies, artists have the possibility to get their music released on various labels. This is really positive on one hand as young new producers have the chance to build themselves a career quite quickly after just a few hits….on the other hand this allows loads of low quality stuff to filter though. It's a massive error to think that throwing a load of monotonous loops and sounds (that have been heard a thousand times) together is going to be enough make the cut and be considered a respected producer.

Whats your favourite club, and why?
Not the most imaginative answer but…..Space! My reason behind this is because it's been so influential in my artistic and personal life. Back in the day when I started to get really passionate about electronic music and clubbing I used to dream about playing in Space, once I made that dream become a reality I felt like I'd arrived at a really important place in my artistic life, it's a path that develops all the time.
Other clubs I've really liked playing at and have had great crowds have been Womb in Tokyo, Herry Klein in Munich and U60311 in Frankfurt.

What projects have you got coming up next?
I'm just finishing a new project now, an eclectic album that brings together different sounds, stories and senses from a very personal journey of my own. More info will be coming out over the next few months :-)

Any expectations from this upcoming season in Ibiza?
I hope it's going to be a great season like last year, for the island in general and especially for Space. Me, as always, I hope to keep reaching people emotionally with my music.

One last thing, what is your favourite memory whilst playing?
There's so many it's almost impossible to chose just one…I can tell you I'll never forget how amazing my birthday was a couple of years ago playing at Space…there was a special surprise waiting for me at the end of my set….a very emotional moment.

Thanks Remo, always a pleasure chatting with you.
Don's miss Remo at Ultra Music Festival ( Miami ), Space Ibiza Opening fiesta, around the world with Space Ibiza on Tour and every Thursday as the resident for Kehakuma in Space Ibiza. Booking: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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